Gender Negotiations™

The unique, trademarked systems which Dr. Schwab developed, VECAM™ and Gender Negotiations™ teach women and men to overcome the deadlocks created by traditional male/female behaviors, and to adopt behaviors which result in productive relationships. The system assures successful communication and results by both men and women in their personal lives. In business, men and women realize effective team building, problem solving, public relations, sales, and decision making.

This article was written for a trade publication directed to architects and designers. The negotiation principles and skill outlined here are effective in other kinds of negotiations, even personal ones.
     -- CS


Power, Spirituality and Communication
Charlotte Schwab, Ph. D.

     The sexual revolution of the 1960s and the women's liberation movement of the 1970s have left many people of both sexes confused and uncertain about gender roles. Charlotte Schwab has created a unique system (Gender Negotiations™ and VECAM™) designed to teach men and women how to engage in loving and mutually empowering relationships. We can learn how to overcome the gridlock created by traditional male/female behavior patterns by understanding the power of gender roles in society and in personal relationships. In tonight's experiential and informational workshop, we'll explore ways of achieving the mutual satisfaction of our masculine and feminine needs in all areas of our lives, including relationships, affection, interdependence, and finances, and learn how to balance intimacy and autonomy. Both individuals and couples are welcome.

New York Open Center New York, NY 10012

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