Charlotte Schwab, Ph.D.




            The Schwab Institute    President

        Designed and delivered programs for upper management personnel in communication, negotiation, sales techniques; generated greater efficiency and productivity.

        Designed and delivered programs in executive coaching: self motivation, goal setting, time management, and executive leadership for personnel at Epstein Raboy Advertising; Penn Mutual; Smith Barney; Star Binding, Inc., and other companies.  Achieved dramatic improvements in operational results.

        Consultant: trainer, coach, lecturer, personal, professional, and management development to individuals in such diverse organizations and agencies as: U.S. Dept. of Energy, Blue Cross Blue Shield, New York Open Center, National Association of Female Executives, Albert Einstein, Montefiore, and Mount Sinai Hospitals.


                   The Center for Human Growth and Development   Executive Director

        Recruited, developed, and managed professional staff of 22; developed innovative, motivating methods for personal and professional development. Directed     implementation with a clientele of up to 1,900 persons annually; analyzed existing      market, identified new markets, planned and directed marketing for direct mail of 10,000 brochures, telephone, and personal contacts; lectured, conducted seminars for 5 to 500 people.

        Developed training programs and seminars in: Self-Identity, Self-Esteem, Values Clarification, Goal Setting, Time Management, Self Motivation, Executive Leadership.

        Planned and managed public relations and publicity, such as: placement of full page article by UPI in 200 national newspapers; articles in magazines; appearances on radio talk shows; and television.

        Designed training manuals for professional staff; produced brochures for public relations, marketing. Designed and delivered programs, seminars, panels in human resources development. Recruited and managed liaison with Advisory Council. 


Community Planning Associates   Executive Director

        Consulted in urban affairs as well as organization and management to foundations, social service, educational, government, and business organizations, including The Board of Cooperative Educational Services; Westchester County Department of Planning; Frederic P. Clark Associates; Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Kittay Fund; Fountain House; Roger Schafer Associates.


            MICOVE, Inc.    Founder and Executive Director

        Conceived, organized, and implemented highly original plan for nonprofit 5,000 member corporation to create and build “New Town in Town”. 

        Recruited, organized, and managed 5,000 member corporation.

        Negotiated $38,000,000 from New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

        Obtained $30,000 pro-bono architectural services from international firm of Victor Gruen Associates.

        Obtained ongoing pro-bono legal services from the prestigious New York law firm of Szold, Brandwen, Meyers, and Blumberg.

        Obtained support of and directed public relations with community, educational, and business organizations and political representatives.

        Maintained liaison with officials of city, state, and federal government agencies.

        Recruited, developed, and managed staff of 150, including volunteers.

        Lectured to member, community, and governmental groups of up to 1,200.

        Directed publicity; obtained coverage in The New York Times, New York Post, UPI, and other publications.

        Consulted to and appeared on NET (National Educational Television) for hour       program called, “Metropolis: Creator or Destroyer”; consulted to ETV Canada on            production of program on MICOVE.

        Conceptualized, published, and distributed Newsletter for 5,000 members.


                 Hunter College of the City of New York (CUNY)   Assistant Professor, Social Psychology


                 Young and Rubicam     Motivational Researcher


           The University of Michigan, Prof. Morton Wagman  Graduate Assistantship in Psychology                              


Education and Training

            University of Michigan, BA     Education, English, and Psychology

                 New York University, MPA     Organization and Management

                 New York University, Ph.D.   Interdisciplinary Degree, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences: Organization and Management, Urban Affairs, Politics, Behavior, Sociology.

                 New York University. Founders Day Award. "....distinguished among fellow students.....consistent evidence of outstanding scholarship....having thus achieved a place in the highest bracket of scholastic preferment recognized by the University, Charlotte Rolnick Schwab is therefore awarded as a mark of special honor this Founders Day Award."


     Dissertation:     A Study of Political Behavior in Community Building


Thesis:                              Citizen Participation in Urban Renewal





Partial Listing


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“Standing Again at Sinai: Women in the Torah.” Boca Raton, FL. Cooperman Academy

Charlotte Schwab, Ph. D. Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust. Bloomington, IN. 1stBooksLibrary. 2002.

                      COURT-TV. October, 2002. Nancy Grace Show. Live.

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                      CN8 TV- Syndicated. Comcast Cable   “Lynn Doyle Show.” Live.  January, 2003.

                      26 radio appearances, coast to coast. List on request. 2002, 2003.






Milton H. Erickson Institute of Hypnosis of New York, Certificate


College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, Certificate.

“Innovations in the Treatment of Depression.”


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Certificate.  “Advances in the Treatment of Depression.”


Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Certificate.  “Creating Diversity-Friendly Organizations.”


Jewish Healing Center, New York, NY. Certificate. “Grief Counseling.”


Rebirthing 2000.  Certificate.  “Breathing Techniques for Healing.”

Training in cognitive behavioral therapy with Jeffrey Young, Ph.D., a student of Aaron Beck.


Excellent references on request.

Charlotte Schwab, Ph.D.

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