The Schwab Cognitive/Mind/Body/Spiritual, Conscious Connected Breathing Total Method™

This method teaches skills in a safe, loving, supportive, powerful and gentle environment to facilitate saying goodby to anxiety, fear, OCD, overeating, and depression; promotes health; raises self esteem; facilitates the creation of successful, loving relationships; the increase of energy, joy and aliveness; and the achievement of a balanced and constant state of growth, harmony, and satisfaction in all six major life areas:

  1. physical and health
  2. mental and educational
  3. career and financial
  4. family, home and relationships
  5. spiritual and ethical
  6. cultural and social

You learn to achieve a clear sense of self and identity, raise your self esteem, idenitify your own goals, set goals, achieve goals in all these areas. The process is a life process and you learn skills to go on to achieve other goals once your initial goals are realized. Contact Dr. Schwab to learn about the specifics of the process.

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